Communication Opt-out Policy

This Policy is effective as of July 30, 2013. If you have any questions concerning this Opt-out Statement please email

At Giving Zone ("us", "we", "Giving Zone" or "The Company"), the providers of the Web Application (the "Service"), provide the option to receive emails and other communications through the Site and Services.

To place a donation we may not require an email address. If an email address is required for a specific donation the email address may be shared with the organization or individual to which you are making a donation.

To place a pledge we require an email address. You will receive an email asking you to honor the pledge after the event completes and after submitting your payment info you will receive a receipt. The email address will be shared with the organization or individual to which you are making a donation.

If you are a user of the Site or Services and you no longer wish to receive emails or other communications from us you will have the ability to unsubscribe to those specific communications.

But communications that are considered transactional and necessary (important account notifications and billing information) for registered users of The Site can only be unsubscribed from by cancelling your account. When canceling you will receive a final email notifying you the acccount has successfully been cancelled. Specific additional modes of recieving these communications (for example text messaging) may be unsubscribed but an email address must always be provided for these necessary notifications to the account.

If you have funds remaining in your account that you have not collected them we reserve the right to contact you if your account has been canceled. These communications will be limited to processing of your funds.

All opt-out requests can be made by emailing us at: or by using the unsubscribe button on non transaction email. It may take up to 10 days to remove your contact information from our marketing communications lists if you were subscribed, so you may receive correspondence from us for a short time after you make your request. But we will make our best effort to remove you as soon as possible.

Once again transactional emails (account billing, account registration, account notifications and donation receipts) can be opted out of by canceling, not providing an email address or not using The Site or Service.