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Virtual Fundraisers

A few events that went virtual to raise $$$

New Heights NYC 7th Annual

$250,000 Raised
Pushing Forward Together! The New Heights 7th Annual Team Challenge event was a bit different this year. Instead of shots there were push-ups. Instead of the gym there were zoom calls.

But that didn't slow down this community!

Team Rio University Shoot-a-Thon

$90,000 Raised
Team Rio went virtual for their second annual event.

Funds were raised to help the teams on the road to recovery & a new normal in grassroots basketball.

Going the Distance Virtual 5K

$15,000 Raised
NY Jayhawks went the distance by hosting a virtual 5K run/walk/bike with their players, family & friends.

All funds went directly to the community to help further their efforts with feeding & support families affected at this time of uncertainty.

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