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Bonnie raised $1,100 to travel on her mission trip to Rwanda.

Mike and Melissa Murrill
Wishing many blessings on you, your team, and the lives you will touch there!!!

My name is Bonnie. In early 2014 I was given the opportunity to go on a Vision Trip to Rwanda, Africa.

The purpose of this trip was to meet with the World Vision staff and visit many of the places that my small contributions have been used over the past ten years to help the people of a small community - a village called Nyamagabe. Even though my church provided a generous scholarship I still had quite a bit of money that I had to come up with. I would not have been able to do this without the help of Giving Zone.

With the help of Giving Zone I quickly and easily set up my own web page, with my profile, my history and my financial needs. I was able to meet my goal very quickly and was able to make the trip.

The highlight of the trip was meeting our sponsored children. I have two.. and it was thrilling to actually hold them in my arms. It was the experience of a lifetime. Here is a picture and a very special video - my little guy - Blaise - sang a song to me with his drum.. and then gave the drum to me as a gift. It is my most prized possession.

New Heights raised $50,156.49 from 792 donors for their inner-city youth basketball program.


Giving Zone allowed us (New Heights Youth) to realize our dream of offering a web-based fundraising platform that permitted our supporters to "pledge" an increment of money for our Basketball Shoot-a-thon. We worked together to create an engaging system for 18 teams, resulting in 200+ individual pages filled with individual and team photos and stories.

The Giving Zone team became an extension of our staff; they were responsive, innovative and reflective. In less than 3 weeks we built the platform and raised over $50,000 (double our goal) from nearly 800 donors through one-time donations and honored pledges. As a development professional for over 10 years, this was a refreshing project to work on, partnering with a team that saw our need for new technology, while seeing how this could benefit other non-profits in the future.

As a medium-sized non-profit we don't have the luxury of time and funds to research and design new technology. We are ever grateful for Giving Zone for jumping in and building us a solution. I'm extremely excited (as I know many of my colleagues will be as well!) to add this "new tool" in my fundraising toolbox.

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