Our goal is to provide the most engaging, fun, easy and efficient way for individuals and nonprofits to tell their story and raise money for the causes they are passionate about. We're a business with a big heart to help people improve the world. Do you have a question and don't see the answer here? Contact Us!

What is Giving Zone?

Giving Zone provides you the opportunity to start raising money for the causes you love! In just a couple of minutes you can create a page to showcase your project and start receiving donations. With your unique website address you can share your project to your friends and family. Watch as your donations grow!

Why did you start Giving Zone?

To fulfill a mission: Encourage generosity among friends - old and new

Is there a cost?

It is free to create and launch a fundraising project on Giving Zone. There are fees associated to a completed donation. Giving Zone takes 5% of a completed transaction for projects. There is also a credit card transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for transactions.

Does Giving Zone support multiple people fundraising for the same project (example: mission trips or other group fundraising)?

Yes, and it is easy! When creating a project all you need to do is let individuals join your project and fundraise on your project's behalf. Once joined the new fundraiser will automatically get their own page associated with their project. They can add more photos, videos, and information. All funds will be directed to your account.

Does Giving Zone support Organizations?

Yes. As a representative of an organization you can create an organization page. An Organization page highlights all of the projects associated with an organization giving a donor a great way to view all of your available projects. When setting up an Organization Giving Zone will contact you to verify the organization.

How does a nonprofit sign up?

The individual that represents the nonprofit can sign up by quickly creating an Organization page. A Giving Zone representative will be in contact with you to verify your organization before any projects can start receiving donations.

Do I have to be a nonprofit to raise money?

No, anyone can raise money with Giving Zone!

How do I withdraw money?

You will request your money through our system and it will be deposited directly into the bank account that you have setup.

Is my page public?

You have to publish your page for it to be public. Only public pages can start receiving donations. Before and after you publish your page you can change the content of a project.

I raised money offline, can I put that toward my project goal?

Yes you can add money that was raised outside of Giving Zone. This money will go toward your goal. There are no fees associated to adding money.

Are there time limits?

Every project must have an end date. You set that date when creating your project. With an end date family and friends are encouraged to donate to your project within a reasonable time helping you raise more money!

If I join a project where does the money I raise go?

If you join a project the money goes to the account that project you joined indicated. In most cases a multimember project will be associated with an organization and the money will go directly to the organization.

How do I find a project?

In most cases your family or friend will email/share with you a link that goes directly to their project.

Are donors charged?

Donors are not charged a fee for donating through Giving Zone.

Can I give anonymously?

Yes. If you do not what certain parties know you are donating (such as the public) you can check the "anonymous" box when submitting your donation.

Do I get a tax receipt from a nonprofit?

If you donated to a registered 501c3. It is up to the nonprofit to send you a formal receipt.

What donor information does the project receive?

The project will receive your donation amount and any other information you give during the donation process minus your credit card information. Your credit card information is never stored by a project or Giving Zone.

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