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Renaissance Hotshot Fundraiser

On February 2nd at the Brooklyn Waldorf School, each student-athlete will participate in a shooting game, where they will try to score as many points in 90 seconds as possible, in order to maximize their "pledges per point".

We are asking that you assist us and our teams in our fundraising efforts by pledging a dollar amount for each point scored in the competition. (For example: If you pledge $1 per point, and a player achieves a score of 30. The donation amount would be $30 total.) There will be a max of 100 points scored.

For every dollar raised:

60% - Team Tournaments & Travel

20% - 1 on 1 Tutoring Program

20% - Orange Patch Initiative to combat Gun Violence

If you have any questions please contact ABorman@nyrhoops.org.

Most importantly, Thank you for being a part of our players growth and development.


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0% donated of $500.00 goal
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Renaissance Basketball

The New Renaissance Basketball Association believes in the 3 pillars of student-athlete development: 1- Competition: Playing with the best players and against the best players as often as possible. 2- Education: By providing a focused one on one tutoring program. 3- Character & Community: Wearing the "Orange Patch" raises awareness of the gun violence epidemic in our country and neighborhoods. Every pledge and donation made will help our players continue their growth in all 3 areas as they chase their dreams on the court, in the classroom, and in their community. 

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Paula Sanelli
Go Paypay!!!!
DJ Riverside
Good Luck Champ!
Robert & Sharon Troiano
$20.00 per Point
Elia Athanasiadis
Mom and Dad
Follow through!
Richard Diz
Go Colin...make us Leavy’s proud!
Aileen and Eamonn
Go Colin!!!
Carolyn Clark
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Giovanni Douge
Best of luck Jacob!
$5.00 per Point
Robert Jones
My boy Cruz get em!
$3.00 per Point
$10.00 per Point
Good luck 🤗
$10.00 per Point
Travis Wilson aka Dad
Keep pushing Love Daddy
$6.00 per Point
Gina Grey
Keep up the good work kid 🤗
Mario and Trika Uzzell
Do it for Mamba !!!!!!
Donna McIntosh
Way to go Godson
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Yama Mathieu
Good luck Jacob!
$8.00 per Point
Keely Blaylock
$1.00 per Point
Shanice CORBIN
$3.50 per Point
$6.00 per Point
$4.00 per Point
Rojaun Jackson
$5.00 per Point
Andy Arias
$5.00 per Point
$2.00 per Point
Jason Archevald
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