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The Riverside Hawks Basketball Program will host its Annual Free Throw Shoot-A-Thon Fundraiser on Saturday, December 15th at Riverside Church, Main Gym.

All proceeds will fund our year-round academic support program in addition to our basketball programming. We look forward to a fun-filled day of games, prizes and MADE free throws!

How the Event Works:

Every player will shoot 50 free throws. The Hawks are asking for your support for every MADE free throw. You can PLEDGE any dollar amount per basket made OR make a one-time donation.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Check out where your favorite player or team stands! Shoot-a-thon Leader Board


I play for the Riverside Hawks - Please help me reach my goal! You can show your support by making a one-time donation now or by making a pledge per made free throw.

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Sheila Robinson
Lesleigh Irish-Underwood
Sylvester Lewis
Keep up the GREAT WORK Evan!
Sandra Hurse
Good Luck!!
Jacob Walthour
Do the thing boys!
Davia Franklyn
I know you will do great!
Jeffries-El Family
Good Luck Evan...your cousins, Amir, Nina & Laila
Wanda Jackson
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Barry Devone
Good luck Evan! p.s. Don't forget to bend your knees when shooting the free throws!
Marlon Bottoms
Good Luck Evan!! Carry the Books as well as the Ball!
Mom and Dad
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