Breon Williams
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Central Texas Bulls Elite Basketball will host its team wide Free Throw Challenge on April 26th and 28th!

During the event every athlete will shoot 100 free throws. We are looking for sponsors for every MADE free throw. You can PLEDGE anything from .25 cents to 10 dollars per basket made or make a one-time DONATION.

Please help us reach our goal!

I play for the Central Texas Bulls Elite - Please help me reach my goal! You can show your support by making a one-time donation now or by making a pledge per made free throw.
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Derek Brown
Curtis Williams Jr
Good Luck!!
Do your best nephew
Ray Baldwin
James McCary
Sam Welsh
Good luck Breon😆👏👊 Sam
Vontrell Lee-kin
I love you Breon. Let's go😚👌👍👏💋❤👊
Latoya Robinson
Auntie loves you
Carlton Robinson
Let's go nephew
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Amanda Bradley
Victor Todman
Good Luck Big Guy
$0.50 per Shot
Jerry McGrone
Let's go Breon
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