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The Riverside Hawks Basketball Program will host its Annual Free Throw Shoot-A-Thon Fundraiser on Saturday, December 15th at Riverside Church, Main Gym.

All proceeds will fund our year-round academic support program in addition to our basketball programming. We look forward to a fun-filled day of games, prizes and MADE free throws!

How the Event Works:

Every player will shoot 50 free throws. The Hawks are asking for your support for every MADE free throw. You can PLEDGE any dollar amount per basket made OR make a one-time donation.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Check out where your favorite player or team stands! Shoot-a-thon Leader Board


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Riverside Hawks

Founded in 1961, the Riverside Hawks is a non-profit youth basketball and education program based in Harlem, NY. The program promotes athletic achievement, educational excellence and character development for New York City youth. Today, we serve more than 300 student-athletes from diverse backgrounds using competitive basketball to teach life lessons and achieve academic goals.

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I'm expecting you to hit all 50!!!!
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Good luck Zahra!
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