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Fundraising isn’t easy. Asking people for money isn’t fun. EXCEPT WHEN I DO IT.

The New Heights Shoot-a-thon Team Challenge is an annual opportunity for me to share my nonprofit work with friends and family, to show off my mad crazy good basketball skills on the court, and most importantly, to holler for some dollars for some New Heights student ballers!!!

A little background: New Heights combines basketball programming with long-term educational and social support to help inner-city student-athletes thrive on and off the court. We have guided hundreds of kids to and through high school, college and careers, and have a track record of success that’s hard to beat (100% graduation and 98% college matriculation rates). Each year for Shoot-a-thon, all the kids and teams join forces to raise money for the program, and folks like me get involved as “General Managers” to support the efforts.

Now back to the fun part... On May 11th, as the General Manager of the 16U Girls' Team (White), I'll be joining the ladies on the basketball court. Each of us, including ME, will shoot 100 free throws (LET THAT SINK IN FOR A MOMENT), and I am asking that you consider pledging money toward every successful basket I make. 

You can pledge anything from 10 cents to 10 dollars (or more! Mom and Dad, I’m looking at you) per basket made. Now put your mathletic uniform on for this example — if you pledge 10 cents per basket and I make all 100 baskets (LET THAT SINK IN TOO), your donation will be $10. You can also make a one-time donation that is not contingent on my swish swish abilities if you’d prefer.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I’ve never had a wedding (i.e. no wedding gifts), don’t have kids (again, no birthday/graduation gifts needed there either) AND I’m not getting any younger. I think now’s the right time to do the right thing and put the dollar sign back in JO$H and show your love and support! DO IT FOR THE KIDS. Do it for the outfit you know I’ll be sporting on May 11th. Do it because this is going to be FUN, and because no one can SWISH SWISH like this bish! 😉🏀💁‍♂️‼️


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Support a College Bound student-athlete today!

On Saturday, May 11, 2019, the New Heights Basketball Program will host it’s 6th Annual Team Challenge Shoot-A-Thon at St. Raymond High School.

Every student-athlete will shoot 100 free throws. We are looking for sponsors for every MADE free throw. You can PLEDGE anything from .10 cents to 10 dollars per basket made or make a one-time DONATION.

All proceeds will fund New Heights’ signature year-round integrated youth-development program College Bound and the 2019 basketball season.

Check out where your favorite player stands! Shoot-a-thon Leader Board

GM Josh "Swish Swish"

General Managers have joined a New Heights team to help them raise the funds needed to provide New Heights' signature year-round integrated youth-development program College Bound and the 2019 basketball season.

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Hope you do well josh
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In memory of my four friends, Larry, Tommy, Howie and Barrie, who passed away in 2018.
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Go Josh and the 16U Girls' team (White)!!
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Good Luck Josh!
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Thanks for all that you do for good people. Cheers to your talented and glamorous spirit! With Love
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