How it Works.

Every Player Gets an Online Page

Coach/Team parent sends us your current player list (first name, last name) and we setup everything you need.

On each player's page a donor can choose to submit a one time donation to the player or to make a pledge per free throw shot made.

You can add new players, photos and team logo at any time.

Parents Share their Player's Pages

Parents share their player's page through email/text messaging/social media with their friends & family.

We provide example email/text messages that the parents can use to share their player's page so that they can get started right away! Making getting started easy!

Players Attempt their Shots

After a couple of weeks of sharing, players attempt their free throws. Each player shoots best out of 25, 50 or 100 shots.

Shots can be taken at practice, at an event or even on the road. Play some music, bring some cookies and have some fun!

Pledges are Honored

Shots are then submitted to us and donors that pledged are automatically notified about how much they owe. Reminders are also sent out. We take all the hassle of collecting out of your hands.

Donors can pay with credit card or cash/check. See pricing page for more info.

Funds are directly transferred to your specified checking account. Donation reports are included so you can easily keep track of every donation made.

A few good words

Thanks so much. We will definitely make this an annual event.  Was really pleased with everything! You are great to work with!

Atlantic Shores Christian School

Second Annual $6,683 | View Project

Thank you so much!  This was a great, simple, no stress for the parents, FUNDRAISER!

West Warwick Girls 8th Grade Team

Raised $1,359 | View Project

Thank you for all of the help! It really makes this process so much smoother and makes the fundraiser better!
Funds raised to send malaria nets to Africa.

Hoops for Nets Shoot-a-Thon

$7,305 total raised over two years |      View Project

The Giving Zone team became an extension of our staff. I’m extremely excited (as I know many of my colleagues will be as well!) to add this “new tool” in my fundraising toolbox.

New Heights NYC

4th Annual $131,615 | View Project

It has been the easiest fundraiser that I have done. I didn't have to sell anything and the event that was created for the fundraiser was a great team building activity!

Blaine Bengals 4th/5th Grade Team

Raised $1,456 | View Project

I just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU from our Central Texas Bulls Elite family!
Working with you has been an phenomenal experience!

Central Bulls Elite

Raised $8,556 | View Project

Share your player's passion & raise funds at the same time!

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