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Our new favorite! introducing the givingzone scoot for loot

What is a Scoot for Loot?
Each class scoots laps around a cool track in their gym to raise funds per lap! Every kid dreams of the PE scooters!
When does it happen?
Students scoot during their scheduled PE classes over a couple of days.
How do donors give?
Parents share their student's online giving page and donors pledge per lap the class completes or gives a one time donation.
Added Awesomeness!

$93,163 raised! Not only did the Seahawks love the classic PE scooters but they enjoyed glow rings, wands & a dance party!

Raise more for any fundraiser!

Walk -a- Thon
Fun Run
Color Run
Reading Challenge
Spell -a- Thon
Sports Related
Sit up / Push up Challenge, Shoot-a-Thon, Hit-a-Thon...

Have a new idea? Lets build it!

Why it Works

It is easy & fun!

It is Super Easy to setup & Launch!

We build custom giving pages for each class & student and provide the online tools to easily manage the fundraiser.

We pride ourselves on personalized customer service! Call us anytime to talk about ideas, ask questions. We will share our knowledge on how to make this the best fundraiser yet!

Parents are comfortable raising funds!

Parents love their kiddos and this fundraiser is more about the student then anything else.

We make it easy for the parents to share and brag about their student through email, text and social media.

Donors love that the students are doing something!

Donors love these kiddos as well and want only to see them succeed! When the student is doing something the donors are excited to support their efforts!

We want to make sure your donor's experience is A+ so they will support year after year!

raise funds for Everything

Schools are raising funds for:

Computers, iPads, 3D printers
PE, Art, Music & Library Teachers
Paraprofessional Jobs
Facility upgrades & supplies
School wide read a long books
and much more!

How this Works

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Setup and Share

Easy Setup - School provides class information and online pages are created and approved.

Easy Launch - Fundraiser is launched to parents and custom messages are provided so that they can quickly & easily share with friends & family (near and far) to collect pledges & donations.

 School Hosts Event

After a couple weeks of sharing and fundraising let the fun begin! Your event can happen whenever it is easiest for your students and school.

Do it during PE class, break out classes throughout a morning or even send the students home to have fun with the family!

Donors easily honor their pledges

After the event tally up the totals and send them our way. Donors can give a one time donation or pledge anytime.

We connect with the donors to honor the pledges so you don't have to. Donors give more because it is all about the student!

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Schools Like Yours

we have helped raise $$ millions of needed funds!

Sacred Heart 2021 Walk-a-Thon

$20,867 raised
139% of their Goal
In years past students walked laps at school but because of Covid students went home with step counters to count their steps!
Event happened at home with their family. In years past laps happened during a school day.
Donors gave one time donations in support of their student's efforts. Years past pledges per lap were also made.
Added Awesomeness!

Amazing PRIZES!! Dress down days & homework passes were on the line for the top class and individual fundraisers.

Atlantic Shores Christian Inaugural Fun Run

$63,972 raised
160% of their Goal
Added a bit of fun to Field day and students ran, jogged, walked or skipped laps around a track.
The Fun Run was added to Field Day to encourage the school to come together and support one another and their building project.
Donors submitted pledges per lap or gave one time donations in support of their student's efforts.
Added Awesomeness!

T-shirts were given to each student and tally marks were made on their back for each lap they completed!

OLM Race for Education

$14,818 raised
99% of their Goal
Students had 30 minute time blocks to complete their steps. Prior to Covid students completed laps.
Break out times for classes throughout the day.
Donors gave one time donations in support of their student's efforts. Years past pledges per lap were also made.
Added Awesomeness!

Enjoyed time with friends as well as fresh pretzels & Italian ice!

Free to Setup

Pricing with your school and your donors in mind.

We are here to become a part of your fundraising team! We have upfront pricing so that there are no surprises for you or your donors.

There is a small Giving Zone fee when a donation is made online (5% per transaction).
Fees are taken out before the funds are deposited and detailed in transaction reports for your records.

Our goal is that your donors come back year after year. Therefore donors are never asked to leave an extra "tip" and left confused or tricked or upsold to a 15-25% fee.

There are no fees when a cash or check donation is given. No fees to setup and no monthly fees. No minimum processing requirements.

Credit Card Processing fee is a standard 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.

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