Why this works!

easy as 1, 2, 3

REACH More Friends & family members

Step 1. Every player gets an online giving page to share

Parents can reach out to friends & family near and far (connect with those cousins/aunts/uncles out of town)!
Sharing their player's page through email/text/social media to collect pledges per shot made & one time donations is all done from the parent's phone. Easy.

this is all about the player & their passion for basketball

Step 2. Players take their shots

Fun fundraisers are more successful - players are more excited and parents more likely to share.
After a couple weeks of sharing the online pages - Players shoot their free throws at practice or make a team wide event and invite parents & friends!

Players are actually doing something for the donation

Step 3. Donors easily honor their pledges

Donors are more likely to give when the player has some skin in the game!
We automatically notify donors of shots made. No need to track anyone down! Funds are directly deposited into your team account and detailed reporting is available.

raise funds for Everything

Right now teams are raising funds for:

- Shoes, Backpacks, Warm Ups, Uniforms
- Equipment & Gym Rental
- Travel, Lodging, Food, Tournament Fees

Free to Setup

Costs Nothing to Setup and Start Raising Funds

We are here to become a part of your team! We will setup your online pages and create custom messages for you to easily launch the fundraiser to your parents.

There is a small fee when a donation is made online. No fees when a cash or check donation is given. No fees to setup and no monthly fees.

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We have helped thousands of players and teams raise funds.

Teams just like yours..

Blaine Bengals 4th/5th Grade Teams

It has been the easiest fundraiser that I have done. I didn't have to sell anything and the event that was created for the fundraiser was a great team building activity!

Teams Raised $1,456

Central Texas Bulls Elite

I just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU from our Central Texas Bulls Elite family! Working with you has been an phenomenal experience!

Teams Raised $8,567

Sacred Heart Spartans

You made this so easy for our organization to raise money quickly and effortlessly! We will be doing the same thing next year as a result. Thanks again!

Teams Raised $12,269 (2nd year) + $11,591 (1st year)

Easiest way to raise funds for your season!


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