raise the Funds your teams need

-  Uniforms, Gear, Developmental Programs
- Equipment & Gym Rental
- Upgrades, End of the Year Celebrations

Join these Parishes in raising funds:

Saint Aedan, Rockland - $9,415 raised!!! 94% goal met
IHM, Scarsdale - $7,000+ raised - 100% of goal met
St Ann, SI - $4,200+ raised 143% of Goal, event: week of Jan 7th

OLPH St Matthews, Westchester - $3000+ raised for Family to Family
St Benedict, Bronx - $2200+ raised, event: Feb 8th (Shoot-a-Thon & Serve-a-Thon)
Blessed Sacrament, SI - just getting started, Goal $10,000, scheduled for MLK Day Jan 21st

St Patrick, Highland Mills - $900+ raised, scheduled end of Feb
St Thomas, Cornwall - start sharing in new year, Goal $10,000, scheduled for end of Jan
Holy Child, SI - coming soon

To make this happen we partnered with GivingZone.

This past month they helped the Sacred Heart Spartans of Staten Island raise over $15,400. .

Sacred Heart Spartans

You made this so easy for our organization to raise money quickly and effortlessly! It is money we wouldn't have had! This year we turned the event into a family day & everyone had such a fun time. Thanks again!

The Spartans have partnered with GivingZone for the past 3 years:
$ 15,436 (3rd year)
$12,269 (2nd year)
$11,591 (1st year)

Funds raised for uniforms, gym time, developmental programs & equipment.

GivingZone has also helped Holy Name - New Rochelle.

Holy Name CYO

"Holy Name CYO has raised over $26,000 which has allowed our CYO program to provide additional value to our CYO participants. The Shoot-A-Thon has been a fun and effective fundraiser for the Holy Name CYO program.

Our players have been able to participate in more games through increased participation in CYO tournaments; we have been able to provide shooting jerseys and hooded sweatshirts to all member participants; and most importantly, we have been able to rent additional gym space to provide appropriate practice times for all of our teams."

Why this works!

easy as 1, 2, 3

REACH More Friends & family members

Step 1. Every player gets an online giving page to share

Parents can reach out to friends & family near and far (connect with those cousins/aunts/uncles out of town)!
Sharing their player's page through email/text/social media to collect pledges per shot made & one time donations is all done from the parent's phone. Easy.

this is all about the player & their passion for basketball

Step 2. Players take their shots

Fun fundraisers are more successful - players are more excited and parents more likely to share.
After a couple weeks of sharing the online pages - Players shoot their free throws at practice or make a team wide event and invite parents & friends!

Players are actually doing something for the donation

Step 3. Donors easily honor their pledges

Donors are more likely to give when the player has some skin in the game!
We automatically notify donors of shots made. No need to track anyone down!

Next Steps:

1) Confirm your teams are a go by emailing Seth Peloso.

With the rosters submitted to CYO NY a Shoot-a-Thon event page will be setup for your organization and your players.

3) We will then confirm your event details. Your teams can take shots during a week of practice or hold an event. You will be given a message to send out to your parents to easily get started.

PRIZES will be given! Top Teams, Individuals & Organizations!

Raised Funds

Costs Nothing to Setup and Start Raising Funds

Funds raised will be transferred directly to you from CYO NY.

No fees to setup and no upfront costs. There is a fee when a donation is made online. No fees when a cash or check donation is given.

5% of online donations will go to the CYO NY program.

Additionally there is 2.9% + $.30 per transaction for credit card processing plus a 5% GivingZone fee.

Detailed reporting will be available for all donations, pledges and cash/check donations given towards your project.

You can get started right away!

If you start now your player's take shots in Dec or early Jan.

The holidays are a great time for the players to connect and share their pages.

Start raising funds!

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